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Quality Control

We overcome challenges, raise standards: excellence in service, every day

Tecnovimec is equipped with the MITUTOYO APEX 9106, a CMM that delivers extremely high scanning performance with highly accurate measurement scales for each axis, enhancing efficiency and accuracy with E0, MPE tolerances of: (0.7+0.25L/100) µm, featuring a table size of 900 x 1000 x height 600 mm.

For height measurements, we also have the MITUTOYO LH-600, an altimeter with a 600 mm track and an accuracy of (1.1 + 0.6L/600) µm.

Tecnovimec’s quality has long been founded on the organization of processes within a work dimension that places great value on human resources and adheres to the strictest quality criteria.

Constant technological upgrades of plants and machinery are necessary to keep up with the continuous evolution of the sector and to achieve the goal of improved quality in machining.

We offer our services to companies seeking satisfaction in working with an ideal partner. It is in our DNA to solve problems related to our work environment, but this drives us to be increasingly competitive and better in the service we provide daily.