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Committed to a greener, more sustainable future

Starting in 2024, our company has committed to a sustainability strategy aimed at optimizing costs and rationalizing the consumption of our planet’s resources. It is vital for every entity to contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future for future generations. We have installed a solar panel system at our headquarters, consisting of 161 photovoltaic panels covering an area of 347 square meters, with a total generation capacity of 74 kW.

Solar energy, an inexhaustible and renewable resource, offers an ecological alternative that does not negatively impact the ecosystem, unlike fossil fuels. Energy production occurs directly at the point of consumption, eliminating the costs and energy losses associated with transportation. A crucial aspect to highlight is our contribution to reducing emissions: thanks to this initiative, we reduce CO2 emissions by 45,000 kg per year, demonstrating a strong commitment to environmental sustainability.

74 kW of power
45,000 kg of CO2 emissions reduced annually
161 panels installed
347 square meters covered by the photovoltaic installation
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